Priest with Shofar Horn

This website and the information contained in it is a work of the Barzle Family. It has been a team effort, with all participants giving their 100% to get it to this point. Many early mornings and sleepless nights have been invested, not only in the actual mission itself, but even more so in the heart to see it through.


The primary catalyst for this project has been my firstborn son Israel Ben Barzle. He is responsible for most of its content. It has required more than a decade of exhaustive research, investigation, and critical analysis of information gleaned from a purely Hebrew Scriptural perspective to fully develop.  Much effort has been taken to present all the information in a straight forward approach that allows the reader to connect the dots without a bunch of theological jargon.  I’m confident you will be astonished as you read through the facts he presents, and at how precise and informative the Hebrew Scriptures are about our modern time and current world events.


This website was created and developed by my firstborn grandson, Yehoshua Ben Barzle. It was designed to capture visitor interest and give an expanded flavor of what to expect when reading the 100% Free E-Book Download. It has been crafted specifically to be user friendly and to motivate a person to investigate, challenge, and to consider a larger picture of biblical prophecy!


Without going into great detail, the “truths” presented in this website and Free E-Book Download have come about at a high price.  At times, these truths have caused deep rifts within our family and friendships. However, we have discovered that the clarion truth of the Old Testament, specifically premised on the Torah of Moses, is now at the center of our very being.  It’s the core filter that everything passes through; it orders our lives; it gives perspective to our questions; it offers healing to the many wounds; and we desire it with a whole heart.


It is through the written Torah of Moses and the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures that we have come to know the one true Sovereign Creator of the Universe—


“Shma Yisrael Hashem Eliheinu,  Ha Shem Echad”

“Hear o Israel, the L-rd your G-d, the L-rd is ONE”

Deut 6:4


This better understanding of the Creator has required us to search the Hebrew Scriptures further for that which is real, and that which is false. Some of our preconditioned ideas of who He is and how He operates were uncomfortably challenged many times. But, as we found out through more and more searching of the Hebrew Scriptures, He is absolutely true to His Words…


”And you shall seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart”

Jer 29:13


It is with this Divine Promise that we encourage you the reader to take the journey with us. We have tried to make this journey as easy as possible by offering it free of charge, no money involved, with absolutely no hidden agenda. We just want you to be free to challenge the old notions and dead traditions, deeply digest the information brought forth, test the quality and quantity of the material offered, and then really make an honest decision if what is being said is what the Hebrew Scriptures very plainly state.


With an eye to the “Big Picture” our ultimate hope is to see the Land of Israel fully restored, with His People, all the Twelve Tribes, fully united—redeemed. We long to see the Torah of Moses in its rightful place of honor and implemented throughout the Land, the land given in trust to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Barlze Family looks forward to seeing this special Land cleared of its indictments, void of its enemies, and operating in its destined glory as the people of the world stream in peace to the final restored Temple in its proper place of esteem.


We would like to give gracious thanks to those of the House of Judah, our brothers the Jews, who have given of themselves in preserving the Hebrew Scriptures and Torah Teaching.  We would be nowhere had it not been for their centuries of faithfulness in this regard. Sadly, we see a day of reckoning for our brothers of Judah in Israel—the enemy is still in the Land; the Dome of the Rock defiles the very presence of Ha Shem; the Torah does not truly govern Eretz Israel. This does not bode well for you our brethren. Please know from our hearts. “We are with you, as our hearts and prayers are with you as you enter into this approaching, most difficult time.”



In conclusion, the Torah Scriptures sum it all up very clear. The Torah Offers both:  Life and Prosperity / Death and Destruction—


“See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.  For I command you today to love the Lord your G-d, to walk in his ways, and keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your G-d will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.”

Deut. 30:15-16


We are pleased you have taken the time to visit us. We hope you download the Free E-Book and make the time to read it.  Keep in mind, that everything you read should be established by at least two or three witnesses. Once you have done so, you can be scripturally confident that you are dealing with legitimate information that should push you into action. This understanding and resulting action is coming at a critical time as we strongly believe, without any doubt on our part—time is of the absolute essence!


Baruch Ha Shem,



Maras Ben Barzle

Elder of the Barzle Family